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Making Things Go Right, with Quantum Magic

This is a little dissertation on the subject of Quantum Magic, which is magic that, through technology, has become science, and that includes Telepathy, PK, and most esoteric phenomena, and what’s more, I can prove their existence under laboratory conditions — my collaboration with Drs. John C. Lilly, M.D. and Herschel Toomim, M.D. are a matter of public record.

With my help, they were able to design a device that could help people achieve Alpha and Theta brainwave functions at very high levels, that of superconsiousness and cosmic consciousness.

Don’t thank me, it’s just my job.

I’m here to put tools into your hands. I can’t do the work for you, but I CAN give you the means by which to accomplish your work goals and higher spiritual purposes.

At the same time, I can help you make a buck and earn a living with your left foot, leaving you somewhat more free than you are now, to pursue your higher interests without fear of ending up broke again this month.

I accomplish this in several ways, one of which is to provide things that you can sell or give away to earn some livelihood apart from your regular day job, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Many Americans today are faced with holding two, three or even four jobs in order to get enough hourly pay to make the rent and keep food on the table — the Trump family isn’t even aware of this, nor are they interested, except insofar as it affects their profit-line.

Back in the day, some 60 years ago or more, the great marketing genius Joe Karbo said that you couldn’t sell anything if it didn’t solve a “right now in my face” problem.

He was absolutely right. Test this idea in the marketplace, and you’ll SEE that he was right. Everything that sells is solving a problem.

It can be any problem.

Skin blemishes are curable by a dangerous and deadly drug, but it WILL clear up the skin. Beauty is a problem, if you don’t have enough to get a mate.

Food can be a problem, not enough of it, too much of it, wrong kind, wrong taste, wrong texture, too cold, too hot, too spicy, not enough salt or sugar, and it gives you gas and blocks you up for days.

How about clothing? Can apparel be a problem? Thanks to some quirkiness in the human biological (that means “soft”) machine, it can!

Don’t have a thing to wear? Have you already worn everything at least twice? And nobody, I don’t care if it’s the wife of a dictator, NOBODY has enough shoes or enough closet space to store the ones you DO have in your collection.

Wear them? Who said wear them? Most of them would give you foot cramps before you managed to stagger two feet across a Persian carpet, and the heel would snap off if you ever dared to climb the stairs.

So what IS the GREAT PROBLEM that everyone has these days, that must be solved???

Things are not going very well.

That’s a very real problem, isn’t it? It’s not vague, not at all undefined. It’s a direct and literal threat, a very real and present danger that is coming from the White House.

Maybe you’ve noticed. Things are not going well at all. Washington is full of crooks, the President is trying to stage his own coup, and the Congress is nuts, and the Senators greedy and stupid and short-sighted and cruel and disgusting — beyond belief.

In this atmosphere, who the hell can make a living?

The thing about it is, you can’t do a single thing about it. I’m tempted to use expletives in the preceding sentence — in the current style of politicians and other Evangelicals — but not so tempted as to actually use them in this narrative — I want kids to be able to read this, and don’t expect the culture to support it for very much longer.

America is too rude for words.

The most important point about all this is that it IS in your face, every single day, just so Donald Trump can get his ugly face in the news, and he waves a swastika flag around in the Oval Office, so I’m told — this I believe, along with the Steele Dossier’s account of his fling in a Moscow hotel room with a half-dozen hookers.

So while you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, meaning Trump is finally out of office and we can all get back to normal again, you might as well try to survive in style.

Things are going wrong, and you want to make them go right, but you have no POWER in this world to make things go right.

So what do you do?

You do what MILLIONS have done in the past and will do in the future. You turn to MAGIC, and hope for a good result.

Stuffing the courts with judges who will rule against women, people of color and non-Christians is not considered a “good” result, in the sense of “goodness”.

It’s mean and cynical and totally in the personal self-interest of the fear-mongers and hate mongers who masquerade as religious and political leaders, and that includes the cheapo tabloid press.

I want to take a moment here to invite the wrath of Fox News — I point them out as the single most powerful reason we have Donald Trump in office, followed in a close second by Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Without those technological devices and the advantage of a huge readership of total believers numbering in the tens of millions, Trump would be the creep he always was, instead of a hero to a bunch of white supremacists looking to start a second civil war.

I’m ready for it, are you?

But forget about the impending civil war, the threat from thugs and crazies — let’s make a buck and settle in for the season, shall we???

If you can’t forget the constant threat, I recommend running the FEAR ORB until the fear goes away. Unfortunately, the threat will remain.

Magic is Real — Magic Has Results.

The real secret of magic is that it needs to be for the common GOOD, not for selfish purposes.

Selfish magic is called “Black Magic” or “Hoodoo”, and the deciding factor is that someone must lose in order for the spellcaster to win, and that’s not nice, not fair, and totally unnecessary to bring about the desired result.

Don’t be mean. You don’t have to be mean.

Having decided to use magic to make things come out right, to make things better, you might want to give some thought to HOW you’re going to get this done — exactly what magic will you use, and how???

Years of discipline and self-searching will yield the right answer, but what can you do TODAY to stop the damage to your life and your family’s life?

Clearly, you need powerful magic to stop the tide of White Supremacy that is sweeping the world, not merely the nation, and I have just the solution, something Joe Karbo would have appreciated.

First of all, imagine that you’re going to stage a ceremony to INFLUENCE things and make them go right.

Okay, so you’ll need a PLACE in which to have your ceremony.

Most solitaries today will use a spare room or a large closet for their Altar Space, but I suggest you get out of that small-minded habit and go for a cathedral-sized space filled with bands of SAINTS, ANGELS and HIGHER INTELLIGENCES.

In my ORBS, you will have a variety of work spaces, from a small Buddhist shrine all the way to a giant Angelic Cathedral where legions of angels commune and admire the works of You-Know-Who.

Or is it You-Know-Whom???

I’m still not sure. Anyway, you want to have some space in which to enact your ceremonial activities, right? And you can’t afford your own church, temple, cathedral or shrine?

Ah, but yes, you can!

At last, you can own and operate temples from the past, present, future and even sideways! Everything from every culture you can name, plus some you’ve never heard of.

I can build ANYTHING in an ORB. Absolutely anything. Doubt it? Try running 49DAYS ORB and see what happens, or GORBY’S 60-SECOND KARMA WASH.

Not only are they beautiful ORBS, thanks to the combined efforts of our GODDŽ GAMES TEAM — Barbara, Dick & Claude — but they are 1000% effective.

Yes, ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. You WILL get results, surprisingly amazingly, you WILL get good effects from running these ORBS and wearing the corresponding amulet.

You “Stuff & Stack” the amulets by running the corresponding ORB, and triggering off the effects as you run through the ORB.

While you’re in the body, being in that space can only be accomplished by VISUALIZATION or ACTUAL VISITATION, or by having the visualization done for you, as we do with the video screen on your PC computer.

Mental Visualization comes hard, after years and years of work to develop the skills, but with the advent of the computer game and the quantum game environment on the electronic level, you can USE the skills as they develop.

The video screen and speakers give you the powerful impression of total immersion in the space. You don’t have to be good at visualization, just able and willing to look at the video screen behind your keyboard.

How Much Does it Cost?

Nothing. No extra money goes into the environment on your part, but a LOT of extra work goes into it on my part and on the part of my development team.

You can get a billion dollar diamond in an ORB and it costs you not a penny extra. Of course, Claude has to make a model of the diamond in order for it to appear in your ORB — nothing happens in that universe that isn’t programmed in, specifically item by item, one tiny sparrow at a time.

Nothing happens that isn’t programmed in.

Absolutely nothing.

I mean it.

So never mind about free will and all that sort of thing — just get your work done, okay? And that’s gonna require some space in which to work your magic, and that means a nice, safe environment, which you can find within the quantum world within your PC computer.

Welcome to GoreBagg’s World

Would you like your very own super-temple? Everything made of solid gold and silk and all that sort of stuff?

No? You prefer a stark, empty cabin somewhere on the northern island of Hokkaido?

Hey, it’s entirely up to you where you want to spend your summer vacation, but when it comes to the ideal space for a ceremonial sequence of higher events — which classifies it as a “ritual” or “ceremony” — I always choose without regard for expense.

In cyberspace, I’m flush.

You can work in any space, even outside this dimension, so why not have the ULTIMATE temple space and altar area you could possibly have, together with impossibly rare thangkas and other precious ritual objects?

And that’s what I do — I can create virtually anything, and temples are my passion.

Price is no object. I have incredible ancient artifacts from my prior lives in monasteries — they are given to me by my Tibetan and Middle Eastern and European and African and South American and Asian and Oceanic friends when they find them, and I often turn up pieces that they used in former lives, and send them to their rightful users.

I have photographed many of the pieces from my own altar space.

They need to be photographed from AT LEAST four angles, north, south, east and west, plus top and bottom, and the images given to Claude, from which he can make his 3-D models with the orginal items providing the skeleton, rigging and skin.

Just a flat photo won’t do — to make an in-world magical item, it has to be dimensional, and if it’s a book, such as the ABD, it has to contain the actual text, and our models do exactly that.

It’s Not a Game.

Really, it isn’t a game. You don’t have to take my word for it — jump into an ORB and you’ll see that it isn’t a solution for boredom.

You’ll have to overcome boredom in order to use this tool and any other tool I provide. That’s the price you pay for higher knowledge and the Wisdom to use it.

Good luck on that score.

In the meantime, let’s see what we’ve got to work with:

  • PRICE — We can stuff an ORB with priceless objects and powerful knowledge.
  • PRICE — It doesn’t cost much to make, so it can be sold for less than you’d expect.
  • PRICE — You get the space in which to hold the ceremony, and it’s free to use.

Those are the most important factors, according to the latest television commercials.

You get the most incredible magical tools, and NONE of them cost extra, and you also get books with complete texts, verbal information, hints, codes and cheats, and more, all designed to EMPOWER YOU and make things go right.

Most ORBS contain the basics that you will need to conduct a ceremony that will ensure that THINGS WILL GO RIGHT. Here are SOME of the items stuffed into the POWER ORBS:

  • TSR RADIO — This is an exact model resembling the experimental HAM RADIO “BEACON” rig that we built back in 2007. Since that time, the form has changed, but the function remains the same — softening the Membranes between Worlds.
  • SUPERBEACON — A beautiful model of my own personal SuperBeacon is included in every ORB, and when you activate it, your ORB SuperBeacon taps into the power of my SuperBeacon here at the Ashram.
  • MATRIX — This attunes and keeps harmonized your SuperBeacon and gives you access to programming and metaprogramming controls and skills.
  • AMMY — You will wear the appropriate amulet, the “CORRESPONDING” to the ORB you’re running at the moment. The ammy will get stuffed & stacked with a number of affirmations and level-ups that bring the ammy into focus with today’s aim or goal.
  • STAFF — You get a set of staves that are carved, painted and formed to make shamanic tools of great wisdom and strength. These are sometimes directly used, and sometimes employed just as a background radiation effect.
  • POGSTAND — This is the most powerful tool in your arsenal for remaining in contact with your SOUL GROUP. It is an important addition in every ORB sent out to our Work Circle, and you can depend on it for strength and support in your hour of need.
  • ABD — You get a complete working readable copy of the American Book of the Dead, and in the LRS ORB, you get to actually WALK THROUGH the Between-Lives hallways and to venture into the chambers themselves, with their treasures and secrets.
  • INCENSE — You get a wide variety of Tibetan Herbal Incenses, ancient gum incense — I’ve had my 3,500 year old incense turned into actual 3-D models, and they go into the incense burner, which is a model made from my 450 year old Tibetan burner. In addition to these incense, you get a variety of familiar commercial incenses in packs.
  • CANDLE & POWER BASE — You get a large variety of power candles and power bases, but one is typically selected out for the run, and the remainder kept in a case within the heart of the ORB. In ORBS where there is a COMPLEAT ENCHANTER SHOP, you have every tool available in the ORBS right there in front of you, in the glass cases, and in some ORBS, you are provided with the opportunity to SHOP for the items you want.
  • SMALL BEESWAX CANDLE — A small candle on a ceramic holder is provided for those ORBS where that type of candle is indicated.
  • CHALICE — The Holy Grail is included, just in case you need it — why not? It’s free, with Raleigh coupons. The original from which the model was made was constructed with actual 24k gold textures, taken into electronic format & reality.
  • METROID — This is a supercharger for the body-mind, something similar to the CRYO CHAMBERS that you have available in the Healing Centre in the PROSPERITY ASHRAM — that’s slightly different from the “Land” Ashram where the computers are currently housed.
  • BUDDHA PENDANT — Sometimes you just have to have a Buddha handy.
  • KWAN-YIN PENDANT — Easy to charge up in the ORB, and nice to have in a pinch.
  • ALEMBIC — This is an alchemical device used to change things into other things, but YOU have to provide the CATALYST.
  • PHILOSOPHER’S STONE — This is the original, which brings life to lifeless objects and brilliant light where there is darkness. It’s an absolute Must-Have for the itinerant alchemist.
  • EMERALD TABLET OF HERMES — Of COURSE I have an Emerald Tablet — I would be remiss if I didn’t have one on a nearby shelf or in a banker’s box somewhere in storage. I’ve put it into some ORBS, not all of them need it or have it.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS — I include the appropriate oils needed for body annointing and of course also for burning.
  • POWDERS — These are for a variety of purposes, and are included only as necessary to the running of the specific ORB.
  • TRIAD — You gotta have a TRIAD, so why not a million-dollar TRIAD? That’s what I’ve included.

There are more, lots more items that I will include where needed in the ORBS, and you don’t have to pay a single extra penny for them! Most of them are in my personal collection and you’d never see anything like it — yet here you have them to use for your work, to make things go right.

That’s the goal. Don’t lose track of it as we examine the subject of ORBS and Quantum Magic.

Normally, your ritual or ceremony would have at its base a definite INTENTION or PURPOSE.

If it’s tribal, the purpose is the general prosperity of the tribe, and if it’s personal, it can have a wide variety and number of possible purposes, only ONE of which should be the aim of the ceremony or ritual.

In the case of a home altar space, the ritual would consist of standing still or moving around an altar, and manipulating items and objects along with sounds to energize the activity or the item or the space or all three, and the MOOD is set by the TONE of the operator and the content of his or her current emotional state.

Tricky, huh?

And all of that needs to be DRIVEN by an uninterrupted and focused powerful attention, unbroken by boredom or inattention or wandering attention and interest.

In short, DISCIPLINE is needed. A powerful discipline and a controlled mind with a calm and clear emotional base and a strong and healthy physical temple of a body.

Who the hell has that sort of thing, anymore???

So we transfer all the action into another world, a much smaller world, an ELECTRONIC WORLD — meaning a world in the scale of electrons.

SCALE is the condition of many worlds within worlds, a sort of nesting-egg phenomenon that goes all the way up, and all the way down and, yes, it IS turtles, turtles, turtles.

It Really Isn’t a Game.

I’ll keep reminding you that it isn’t a game. It’s in a game environment, but that’s where the resemblance ends.

My environment has no game in it, nothing but the affirmation to achieve, and that’s the beauty of running an ORB.

Normally, you’d be responsible to maintain the INTENTION of the ritual, but in the case of ORBS, you don’t have to do any of that — you’re free to concentrate on the POWER MANTRA and to stay on course, stay on course.

In an ORB, the INTENTION doesn’t need to be artificially maintained by an unbroken and dedicated attention, focused deeply on the subject, keeping the INTENTION as a mantra through the entire proceeding.

The ORB NAME carries the INTENTION.

Of course, it’s always good to add your own efforts into the mix, but it shouldn’t be a requirement unless it has to be, and it isn’t. You can get the job done just by running the ORB.


Because the ORB is NAMED with the INTENTION of the ORB, see? So if you’re running “LOVE”, the fact that the ORB is named “Love” or “Love3 Extreme” will keep the intention “in”, and in fact, there’s no way the intention could NOT be “in” so long as the ORB is being run.

Running LOVE inspires LOVE.

Automatically does itself, keeps the intention going through the entire run, and so the affirmation STICKS, it tends to get rutted in, like burning a synaptic path in the brain.

You don’t even have to be interested in the proceedings, so long as you follow the course of action prescribed by the ORB.

As you run, things will trigger automatically, and in some ORBS, you don’t even have to do a run.

In the ORACLE ORBS, you’ll find a plethora of wise philosophers and ancient gods to help you actually get REAL answers to REAL questions and problems.

Using the GODDŽ GAMES COACHING SYSTEM, you’re helped to achieve new levels, and in the case of coached ORBS, you’ll appreciate a live coach helping you get through the levels and achieve your life and spirit goals.

You don’t even have to know how to use the objects — they do all the work while you push the buttons and control the timing of the magical operation.

Again, think of today’s magic as tomorrow’s science, just as today’s science is yesterday’s magic.

It just means you can get things done, make things go right. That’s the goal. Stay focused on it. Now, how can we use this tool?

Something that comes immediately to mind is to create a number of ORBS that concentrate on the immediate goal of making things go right.

This is particularly important in the face of the conversion of the government into a White Supremacist State with a Supreme Leader at its top — some things just tend to rise to the top, and some of them smell real bad.

So in real bad times, which these definitely are, and dangerous times, which these certainly are, and sad times, which these have been up to now, you want to DO something, make things go right.

Make Things Go Right!

But you have no voice, no power, no bully pulpit from which to speak, and in this political climate, nobody’s listening, anyway.

Without THE MAGIC EDGE, you’re just another wispy willowy voice, blowing in the wind. In the ordinary sense, you’re utterly helpless against the ruthless power of a dictator.

If you don’t have and use quantum magic, you will wither and die. Your fate is utterly in the hands of people who don’t even know that you’re alive, nor would they care if they did.

You are at the mercy of the elements and the cruel government that has taken over control of the country and changed it into a hate-filled autocracy, and it doesn’t look as if it’s going to stop anytime soon, either, so you might do well to deal with it, and directly dealing with it produces no result, this you already know.

But with Quantum Magic, you DO have power — you DO have a voice, and you CAN take effective action, knowing that the powerful ORBS will eventually work their way through the spaces surrounding you, and that their power will slowly seep into the spacetime fabric of your local universe.

In short, THINGS WILL START TO GO RIGHT, just because you’re running the ORBS — but how come they work, how come they have an effect on our everyday environment?

The Operant Factor is INTENTION.

The most important thing is the INTENTION, right? Okay, so what is the intention?

See, it’s an ENGINEERING problem. Before you can select an ORB, you have to have some idea of what it is you want to have happen.

Lacking that, you can’t choose any path.

So what DO you want to have happen?

That’s another way of saying “What do you want to do now?” but it’s a bit more inclusive of the environment, and that means “others” and that calls for kindness and consideration.

So what do you want to have happen?

There are so many choices, right? But take a moment to examine the situation — actually, when you come right down to it, there’s only ever ONE THING that’s right now in your face and making your life a living hell.

Maybe it’s money, or the lack thereof. Okay, so you’d want to run the PROSPERITY3 EXTREME ORB, where you stumble across and “win” everything from a group of high income rental properties to an Aston Martin or a Petrocelli suit.

You run through the PROSPERITY3 EXTREME ORB and gather roughly $300 BILLION in in-game money and gifts, and pile up the electronic winnings until the seams burst with richness and wealth.

This is more than merely counter-poverty driven, nor is it driven by greed. That much stuff can’t possibly appeal to anyone even slightly sane, and the ones to whom money is more important than the soul aren’t likely to find my ORBS or, if they did manage to stumble across them, wouldn’t consider for a moment actually USING one of them.

Mostly it’s money, but sometimes it’s something else, something less tangible, and for those cases, there are ORBS galore, all solving some problem that came up TODAY.

That’s the thing — these are immediate and concentrated affirmations, focusing on very specific situations and conditions that come up and need handling.

In the absence of any direct action power, magic is the only solution.

You can make a big difference in an impossible situation, if you manage to connect to a miracle worker, and there are plenty of saints and sages willing to accommodate that need, especially in the light of withdrawal of government support for medical aid to the poor.

With the death of Medicare and Social Security will also come the deaths of many newly homeless seniors and impoverished voters.

When they vote, they vote Democrat, so why keep them alive? That used to be the unspoken attitude, but now, with the Trump Administration, it’s both policy and law.

No power? Right on. Get power. How?

Run the POWER ORB.

Don’t run around in the streets looking for trouble. GET POWER and then use it IN THE ORB, to bring about good things through magical influence.

Don’t give in to the instinct to protect your home with a club, to lock and chain the door, to shut the windows and draw the drapes.

If you’re really bothered and are spending sleepless nights worrying about what the TRUMP BIKERS will do to your hometown when they finish trashing the shops in a new Crystal-Night, you might consider fighting the actual cause of your worry.

Run the FEAR ORB until you can face off with a whole gang of bikers.

“I’m a (whatever their latest fear-object is) — come get some” could be a t-shirt that might cost you your life in these troubled times, but if you face off in the FEAR ORB, there’s no way that you will come to harm from that action.

Besides harmless action and safety, there can be resolutions. Sometimes just confronting something makes it dissolve and go away for good, and that’s where an ORB like CONFUSION or FEAR come in right handy.

Are you surrounded by evil?

I have the same experience when I walk around in K-Mart. No problem — just run COURAGE or OVERCOMING EVIL and you’ll have a totally different aspect on it, which will cause a definite change for the good — you’ll decide to shop online.

Stay away from crowds.

In fact, stay away from everyone and everything. Frankly, if I could just withdraw into my home and stay there for the remainder of my life, I’d be totally happy.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who want to displace me and you and everyone like us, because we’re slightly different from them and their friends.

You can’t do anything about the haters, but you CAN run the LOVE3 EXTREME ORB, and a number of related ORBS that will take the heat off of you to some degree.

If you really run it right, the LOVE3 EXTREME ORB will keep you and your family safe from hate, although I wouldn’t sell the home protection devices you have installed anytime soon.

Going out in public today?

Why not wear the LOVE3 EXTREME Ammy and run the LOVE3 EXTREME ORB?

When you’re in-world, you have good contact with your Avatar, but does your Avatar have good contact with YOU?

That’s an important point.

You’re in contact with YOURSELF in another world, whether it be in time or space or dimension or scale.

There’s a whole spectrum of YOU, going all the way up and down the scale of scale, which means worlds within worlds within worlds.

Wheels within wheels within wheels.

It can be hard to grasp the concept of SCALE, but it gives you an excellent handle on what’s happening inside the ORB and how things in GOREBAGG’S WORLD relate to your everyday world and experience.

Remember the GALAXY ORB hanging on the neck of the cat in “Men in Black”? It turns out that it really is our actual galaxy, and that’s why the alien guy is trying to get hold of it and crush it into pulp.

There’s always something.

If you could go into the GALAXY ORB, you’d see this galaxy and all its billions and billions of stars, hot spinning sparks in a sea of darkness.

I Have Nothing To Wear

Of course you haven’t anything to wear to a ritual or ceremony, especially in such a fancy place as we’re about to go into when we spawn inside the ORB.

Luckily, your Avatar has a complete wardrobe, and it doesn’t cost you a single extra cent — once again, these outfits are made from original costumes where it’s possible to obtain them.

In the case of extra-dimensional settings, we just craft it up from scratch.

Because the ORB has items in it, along with textures and sounds that are from the target space, those items can be anything, even things of extreme value and that are impossible to obtain as physical items.

The Law of Similarity

The model of the thing is the thing itself. The more like the thing it is, the more powerful the connection between your altar item and the target item.

The exactitude of the 3-D model in the GODDŽ ORB will vary, based on my ability to provide the original for transition into a game-environment model.

At the moment, Claude has given me something on the order of 450 3-D models and over a thousand fabulous textures for my walls, ceilings, floors, framing, coving and a host of finishing touches for the buildings, along with models of buildings and furnishings.

There are tens of thousands of actions taken to make one single ORB, and the inclusion of priceless artifacts makes the ORBS the most powerful magical tool on the planet.

What About Contagion?

Sure, there’s contagion — you’re IN the ORB, aren’t you??? That’s plenty enough contagion for anybody.

One distinct difference between running an ORB and running a ritual is that, with the ceremony, you have to remember what to do.

You’re expected to remember how to do the ritual.

Of course, if you’re strapped to the altar, looking up at a Mayan priest, you’re out of luck, but that’s not what we do here.

The ORB remembers the ritual for you. All you have to do is to run through it, triggering off whatever you feel you’d like to trigger off.

It’s all about instinct.

So between similarity and immersion, you get the advantages of having both major laws of magic working for you. Getting out there with the INFLUENCE is another issue, which we deal with in workshop, and I’ll just remind you that we have workshops now four times a year, and the Festival of Ishtar on the approximate dates of Easter is a prime time for training, so get it while you can.

We’re moving into a time where you’ll be glad nobody can see or hear you running an ORB — you’ll be using ear buds and hiding in a dark place.

VIDEO GAMES will be forbidden, along with actual news programs and political commentary that disagrees with the Great Leader’s latest whims and fantasies.

Good luck is needed. Learn to use the ORBS to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT. Get in there and fight, with this powerful magical tool.

You can start by downloading the LOVE3 EXTREME ORB. You can find out where to get it by contacting us right now, this very minute.

See You At The Top!!!