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Being A Reader

Who can be a Labyrinth Reader?

Anyone with a sincere wish to be of service to others can be a Labyrinth Reader. To help you develop your skills and learn the art of being a Labyrinth Reader, the LRS offers courses and training online and throughout the world.

The LRS services and resources are designed to accompany your current beliefs and practices. These techniques and tools can be a powerful addition to your existing spiritual work. We welcome people from all traditions, cultures, and backgrounds. A willingness to be of service and a dedication to compassion is what unites Labyrinth Readers, and is all that's required to get started providing caring service to those in need.

LRS Reader Trainings

These trainings will give you the skills to become a Labyrinth Reader. However, the trainings will go far beyond that. They will also give you direct experience (personal experience, personally experienced). With this background you will be able to come from an authentic place of knowledge and be of real service.

The Six Simple Steps to Doing a Reading contains instructions for doing a Reading -- boiled down to a single page and 6 steps.

The Labyrinth Readers Course is taught over the course of 14+ weeks. It is a very comprehensive course detailing everything you need to become a fully functional Labyrinth Reader. This will prepare you for reading the American Book of the Dead for those beings in transit, and for those beings in need of spiritual help.

Being with those who are dying is a most rewarding experience -- an act of love and grace. This service is most often performed by family and professional caregivers. However, there are now expanding networks of volunteers becoming involved in this rewarding work. This simple course will give you the background needed to better be of real service during the imminent passage of another.

The LRS Tools page contains many of the tools of the trade. In this case the trade being performing a Labyrinth Reading. Here you'll find information about Labyrinth Readers Course (LRS), American Book of the Dead, Altar Materials, and a wide range of altar examples.

This glossary of well over 400 words brings a new perspective to the language -- a perspective that sheds a new light on our work as Labyrinth Readers.

Labyrinth Reading gives one the opportunity to live consciously, work for the benefit of all beings and prepare for one's own death.

Just as a midwife assists birth, the reader of The American Book of the Dead assists voyagers who have passed into the macrodimensions to attain liberation or to achieve a conscious and deliberate rebirth on re-entry into the human dimension

"The American Book of the Dead" by E.J. Gold

"If you've ever awakened from a dream because you knew it was a dream ... taking it one step further . . . if you awaken from here and realize it's a dream, you're in the waking state."

"Perfect service has no job description. You actually look for what needs to be done and uncomplainingly do it . unless it violates your ethics, in which case it doesn't need doing, does it?"

E.J. Gold