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Six Simple Steps to Doing a Reading

Step 1: Find a place to do the Reading

Find a location where you will not be disturbed for 15 to 20 minutes. It does not need to be a private space -- just one where you will not be required to move or interact with others during the Reading.

Step 2: Gather the few materials you will need for the Reading

Gather the following items:

  • Name of the individual for whom you are reading
  • Sacred text you have selected for this reading
  • Photograph of the individual for whom you are reading (if available)

The name and photograph are used in establishing contact with the Voyager -- the individual the Reading is directed to.

Step 3: Compose yourself

Sit comfortably and attentively in the space.

Relax the body -- especially the face. The relaxation of the facial muscles will bring about relaxation of the whole body. Take a few cleansing breaths. A cleansing breath can be performed by inhaling deeply through the nostrils, then exhaling (letting it go) through the mouth.

Say aloud: "I wish for this effort to be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere."

Step 4: Establish contact with the Voyager

Begin to establish contact with the Voyager by looking at the photograph.

Say the following aloud: "This Reading is addressed to the being of [name of individual here]."

(If you don't have a photograph, then you may use the name of the Voyager written on a slip of paper.)

Step 5: Deliver the Reading

Read the selected text aloud to the Voyager with purpose and certainty.

Step 6: Close the Reading

When the Reading is complete, declare: "This completes the reading of [name of text] addressed to the being of [name of Voyager]."

Declare: "I wish for the results of this reading to be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere."

Put the photograph and/or the name card away until the next Reading.

Clear away any other items you may have used for the Reading.

If you are keeping a journal or log of the Readings, now would be a good time to record your experience.

The above instructions give you the complete procedure for doing a reading.

If you'd like further explanation and hints on how to do a reading refer to: Additional Notes On Doing a Reading.

Labyrinth Reading gives one the opportunity to live consciously, work for the benefit of all beings and prepare for one's own death.

Just as a midwife assists birth, the reader of The American Book of the Dead assists voyagers who have passed into the macrodimensions to attain liberation or to achieve a conscious and deliberate rebirth on re-entry into the human dimension

"The American Book of the Dead" by E.J. Gold

"If you've ever awakened from a dream because you knew it was a dream ... taking it one step further . . . if you awaken from here and realize it's a dream, you're in the waking state."

"Perfect service has no job description. You actually look for what needs to be done and uncomplainingly do it . unless it violates your ethics, in which case it doesn't need doing, does it?"

E.J. Gold