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Linkage & Bonding (a.k.a. Practical Self-Metaprogramming)

Snapshot from game showing character sitting at table.

Everything in the Orb corresponds to something in the Real World.

As any self-respecting witch, warlock or wizard will tell you, the KEY to it all is to reach across the SINISTER BARRIER that lies between YOU and the DEEPEST LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which is why most people need a psychologist or hypnotist to get past the blockage between the Daily Consciousness and the Deep Levels of the Metaconscious and the Meta-Physical.

When you manipulate objects that are BONDED to each other, the TARGET OBJECT moves according to the movements you make with the correspondings. Some would say, “It’s all in the BONDING”, and they’d be right.

The real trick is LINKAGE, which consists of getting the various OUTER ELEMENTS attached to the INTERNAL ELEMENTS, and in the case of videogame environment ORBS, it’s a matter of attaching the INTERNAL VIDEOGAME ELEMENTS to the INTERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS of YOU.

It took years to work out which thing corresponds to what internal thing, which videogame object connects up to what, which thing — when you tug it — does what??? This was a long learning process for the game development team, but it was worth the wait.

We now can place exact models of magical and empowered items into a videogame space and MAKE THEM WORK, just as if they were physically present in the space of the operator.

In short, anything that can be accomplished in a PHYSICAL RITUAL can be duplicated in one of my MAGICALLY EMPOWERED ORBS, and the end-result will be exactly the same as if it had been carried out in the organic world of the body and brain.

I know this is a tough concept, but since ALL my videogaming levels are built on this principle — and depend on it for their effectiveness in the Real World — I’ll be happy to explain in some detail, so get ready for the aforementioned “great detail” — here goes:

There is a barrier between you and your subconscious — we agree on that, right? When you wake up in the morning or the middle of the night or from an afternoon nap, and you have a vague memory of a stirring dream, you can’t quite get at the details, can you???

Well, that’s the effect of the barrier, called “Third Stage Delta” in brain language, that prevents you from accessing anything outside the ordinary consciousness and reality.

The same thing happens when you try to recall something in your past — you can get the gist of it, but the details will elude you.

There’s a barrier between YOU and your memory of having lived other lives, in other times, other bodies and even other dimensions.

There seems to be a WALL between you and your DEEPEST levels of programming and meta-programming, and it seems impassible, which upon examination, proves correct — it is impassible, but you can reach right THROUGH it, if you know how.

You run into that self-same “Sinister Barrier” when you try to reach out beyond the body, into the realms of the Spirit World, especially into the Between-Lives-State and beyond and yes, Virginia, there is a “beyond” that goes far past the life and death of the body.

Those very same witches, warlocks and wizards mentioned in the lead paragraph will also tell you that it’s quite possible to assemble a bunch of everyday items — or super-special ones, if the daily stuff won’t do — it’s all a matter of taste — and make the whole assemblage a means to reach through the Sinister Barrier, right into the deepest levels of the subconscious, the superconsciousness and the Essential Self.

It’s properly called a “WALDO”, which is what you would use to handle radioactive substances and other HAZMAT — and again, I’ll be only too happy to explain in detail:

What you do is, you gather a number of items on the altar. This altar can be a physical one, or it can be a videogame environment which doesn’t resemble an altar at all — it might be a subway station, candle shop or grand opera house.

The specific details will vary from manifestation to manifestation.

Remember that EACH item on your altar STANDS FOR SOMETHING in the deep levels of consciousness, or that exists apart from the present space, such as another dimension, or an apartment across town, something that isn’t normally accessible, when you’re working with it in ordinary space and time.

Using the WALDO EFFECT, it’s possible to reach right through space and time and actually TOUCH someone, or at least have the EFFECT or SENSATION or both of a TOUCH.

This stuff works when applied through magical ritual items, and that goes double for the items you can put into a videogame space — you can load it up with million-dollar gear for absolutely nothing, and I’ve given you tons of great ancient and medieval treasures of incredible altar items and MORE, and they all come to you in these ORBS, so get every one of them and collect them all.

Each magical item or ELEMENT, such as a build, model or basic prim, ACTUALLY STAND for something, REPRESENTS a specific thing in the UNREACHABLE SPACE.

Each MAGICAL ELEMENT does something, has a job to do, something to accomplish during the ritual, and in the case of the ORBS, the ritual is the run through the ORB, simple as that.

Of course, the objects within the ORB need to be QUANTUM-ENLIVENED, which means that they need to be turned on, to be “CHARGED” with special spiritual energy, and that’s accomplished simply by passing through the quantum space of the ORB.

This is the same action as fumigation in a physical ritual.

Keep in mind that every object in the ORB environment is very specifically attuned to a precise task. You yourself don’t need to know or understand which item does what or is connected to what thing inside your own head, mind, overmind or superconsciousness — it’s all calculated beforehand and placed at your disposal when you traverse the ORB.

It’s all automatic.

Each OBJECT and each DOMAIN has its own TURN-ON, its own SEQUENCE and its own POWER, and you can depend on the turn-ons to trigger each of the target events in sequence, laid out perfectly — works every single time just exactly right.

You get right action, programmed right into the gameplay.

You can pick up some of the items, and they will impart whatever imbument they’ve been given.

Then it’s just a matter of CONNECTIVITY, and that all depends on LINKAGE, which means the degree of perfection to which you’ve brought your Quantum Entanglements, which used to be called “BONDING”.

It’s the same thing, only one sounds more emotional and magical, and the other sounds quite exotically technological. Actually, it’s neither. It’s just a thing, a ding-an-sich, a thing-in-itself. Whatever meaning and significance it may have, those are imparted by the game program.

Don’t panic — it’s not hard to understand.

Let’s take a wooden kitchen spoon as an example. It will represent a force that can impart SPIN to something, that can make things MIX and MINGLE and BLEND, which is the job of a kitchen spoon, and if you don’t believe me, just ask one.

Each item on the altar has a specific meaning and purpose. The combined usage of all of them produces a certifiable, verifiable result, such as a chocolate cake, or a fudge brownie.

The result is not in itself important, although tell that to a chocolate junkie — it’s just an indicator of successful manipulation of the said separate ingredients, manipulated by the spoon, bowl, eggs, milk, sugar, salt, sugar, salt, sugar, salt, salt, salt — sorry, I thought for a moment that I was writing an American Recipe.

Forget the sugar and salt — it’s not about specifics, it’s about items, articles, things, and they can be very special and expensive, or very simple objects of daily use.

In the ORBS, I’ve placed models made DIRECTLY from items that are literally priceless, many Tibetan items that have NEVER BEEN SEEN by the public, and won’t be, because these ORBS are not for the public.

They’re for YOU.

Snapshot from game orb showing shop with various objects: potions, amulets, hats, etc.

Interior of the model of my Metaphysics Shop in Hollywood, CA in 1967.

So if you laid out a number of items on an altar and manipulated them, imparted them with power through sound and concentration, and used them in a ritual, what you’re really doing is stirring things up in your own deepest levels of metaprogramming, if you go about things rightly, meaning you don’t screw up the connections or mistake the positive lead for the negative, and it DOES make a difference, which is why we have the practice of INITIATION, so you can make mistakes that don’t cost anybody anything.

Practice, practice, practice — that is the key, but you have to have some handle on exactly WHAT to practice, and how much, and when, and that’s the whole idea behind the ORBS.

What you do is, you reach inside your own head and make adjustments which can be permanent, even to the level of the Essential Self and Body of Habits.

Yes, indeed.

Nobody seems to “get it” yet. My ORBS are a tool by which you can literally grab yourself by the proverbial bootstraps and haul yourself up the ladder of consciousness.

So imagine, instead of a bunch of gear sitting on a physical altar before you, you have the same objects sitting before your Avatar, onscreen on your favorite computer device, perhaps a desktop PC or a cool & light laptop — can’t stand the hot heavy models, and they don’t really do well on anyone’s lap.

There on the screen in front of you can be the most exquisitely rare and expensive altar items, and all you pay is the download fee for the level — the fee is set by the Board, not by me, although I have pleaded often to take it easy — for some folks, $6.99 is a tough sum to come up with in actual cash.

Okay, let’s get serious. An ORB has all the items you’ll need, and what’s more, they’re set up to work synergistically, and the triggers for their use and application and energization are already in place.

All you need to do is to get to the right place at the right time and where there’s a button, press it, fer God’s sake!

That’s all there is to it. All the right moves are programmed in, so your Deep Self will respond to those impulses, and the changes are AUTOMATIC, but they require your CONSCIOUS WILL and DETERMINED PARTICIPATION to make it all work.

Snapshot from game orb showing character in ritual space.

This quantum-world space contains a SuperBeacon, a Matrix, & more.

An ORB is an electronic quantum world projected onscreen in front of you.

Through the “Waldo Effect”, where your actions are translated into a space into which you normally cannot reach, you can now project your INNER WORLD onto a videoscreen, and through the actions of videogaming, you can literally reach into the deepest levels of metaprogramming and change things in your everyday world through the manifestations of the Quantum World.

It’s the only way to CONSCIOUSLY effect change in your deep self.

I’m reworking some of the Orbs. I know you’ll be pleased with the result.

I’ve made them faster, more interesting, more magically productive, and what’s more, they L@@K a whole lot better, too! You can move around more freely, without lag when you make your turns.

How come that is?

New technology, new game engine from DICK, new much faster rendering models from UNCLE CLAUDE, and totally streamlined Particle Effects from BARBARA make this the fastest and smoothest-running orb yet.

I’m just now nearing the end of a FULL CONVERSION map called LOVE3 EXTREME. It’s a cure and a restorative for lost love, not enough love and deepening love. It’s about handling love as a substance, like grabbing the wheel of a car after you’ve been dozing at 85 MPH.

What KIND of love are we talking about here?

Actually, it doesn’t matter — they all blend together after a while of constant usage. There’s carnal love, about which we hear endlessly, as the bonding and breeding urges hit the middle-aged and middle-class in commercial jingles and cosmetic promotions.

Snapshot from game orb showing books, amulets and other objects.

Connection and Access are the keys to good quantum effects.

It’s a jungle out there.

The faster you learn to navigate it safely, the better, and one way is to MANIFEST PURE LOVE. This is the cure applied by all the world-teachers, gurus, saints and other manifestations of the two — uh, make that “One”.

You realize, of course, that You Know Who is the most extreme example we have of Bipolar Personality Disorder???

If you couldn’t figure out who “You Know Who” (in cap initials) might be, you need a course in the Old Testament — you don’t mention the actual name of You Know Who.

That’s the original meaning of “Don’t take the Lord’s NAME in vain, meaning don’t mention the name, don’t utter the name, because the SOUNDING of the name is a magical act.

You don’t call the boss in to your office, and you don’t ask You Know Who his real name, so he, she or it goes by the local name, a pronoun of some sort or a reference word, like “Jehovah” or anything else that doesn’t mention The One as “ONE”.

Hey, if it’s so lonely at the top, why do you always have company?

Accordingly, please note that the Orb prompts you right at the start to put on your Organic World Prosperity Ammy, that matches the ammy contained in the Orb.

Also in the Orb are all your Operating Work Tools in digital-world form, meaning that they now exist in the Quantum World.

From there, they don’t erase. It becomes part of the Akashic Record, easily accessible by those who know how.

You count as one of those who are LEARNING how to read the Akashic Record, and to Ride the Rails of Time and Space.

Everything in the Orb is designed to interact and interconnect with your “Real Life” items and environment, as precisely as necessary to get the quantum connection, which was in the old days referred to as “Contact”.

As you run around in the Orb, you’ll note that you can VOLUNTARILY trigger or NOT trigger the various magical aids that are ready to be invoked as their name is uttered.

The Power is in the NAME, the IMAGE and the SOUND.

Everything else is shadow-show.

So at the end of the run, you’ll have INVOKED the aid of:

  • PROTECTION CHARM — This is a charm carried in pocket, purse or pouch by your Avatar. There are about a dozen charms representing actual existing charms in my studio, which are activated by wearing. As you put it on, the name of the charm will be also uttered.
  • PROTECTION AMULET — Different in function from the Protection Charm, the Ammy will keep bad INFLUENCES away as your Avatar makes the LOVE3 EXTREME run, which takes about five minutes to complete.
  • BOOK OF SECRETS — Your Avatar will read a MAGICAL SECRET SPELL with a powerful incantation and Power Mantra finish — this will penetrate into the Real World in relation to your ability to remain in the Pure State. “NOVICE” means “No Vice”. Stay away from sugar and salt while running an Orb, meaning Tacos & Milk Chocolate would not be a great idea.
  • MAGICAL POWDERS — The many possible powders that you will find and use in the Orb are models made from actual magical powders made in the year 1967 by AUNT NETTIE, original owner of the CROSS CANDLE CO. in south-central Los Angeles, a reliable source of properly made Lunar and Solar incenses, powders and sticks.
  • MAGICAL INCENSES — You have a variety of incenses available, given according to sheer luck, guided by a Randomity Generator in the back of the shop — well, actually in the .ini file, but who’s counting? Again, these are models made from actual samples of incense from my personal collection of antique incenses, including many potent incenses from Tibet and Nepal.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS — As a perfumer, I can tell you that all the TONES of the digital versions of the OILS are precisely tuned to the SOUND and LIGHT frequencies associated with each oil — as you know, each oil has its own digital “signature”. My incenses were purchased in the 1960s by the greats of the music and entertainment industry and my clientele included the biggest stars of stage, big screen and tv, and now YOU have access to their magical digital equivalents, and it doesn’t cost a fortune, either! You get as much digital perfume as you want, forever, and it works just as if you were wearing a heavy dose of it on your organic body!
  • GENERATORS — A series of Magical Generators awaits your beck & call within the data-cell of the electronic Orb in which you’re running. Generators do exactly what it sounds like they do — they generate. That means something seems to come from nothing, but nothing comes from nothing, if you know what I mean.
  • CANDLES — You burn one or more Magical Power Candles in the Orb as you run through it. Different Orbs will have different candles available, but all of them will have about a dozen that are currently trending for your Avatar.
  • GEMSTONE EGGS — These are Magical Quantum Eggs, similar to the World-Egg of ancient civilizations. These are spinning energy forms that have an egg-like shape to them. They tend to soften the barriers and blur the edges of reality, shifting your Avatar slightly Out Of Phase, making quantum events accessible to the consciousness of your Avatar, and quite possibly that might leak over to you, the Operator of the Avatar. It sometimes happens that an Awakening can occur for both of you at the same time.
  • CRYSTALS — Not the garden-variety you get at your local psychic fair or spiritual festival, these are models made from actual ancient crystals from the Atlantean Period, about 24,000 B.C. or earlier. My crystals are not for sale, not now, not ever, but you can USE them in this form, free & forever. They tie directly to my set which are kept in a special place, along with the PROTOTYPES and ARCHETYPES of every single magical item that appears in any of my Orbs. There’s an ORIGINAL of that item somewhere in my MAGICALLY ACTIVE COLLECTION of work tools.
  • WANDS — Of COURSE there are magical wands — what kind of magical Orb would fail to have at least one want for your Avatar to carry and to use at great need??? You get ONE of a variety of possible wands, meaning that once again, my Randomity-Generator will select a magical weapon for you, choosing the one that will work best on the current configuration of the Orb — it varies.

There are a number of other treasures and magical tools that are potentially possible for your Avatar, and this will vary greatly from one Orb to another. They may LOOK similar, but they are actually all FUNCTIONALLY different from one another.

You’ll start getting used to using the magical weapons — which means “tools”, not hurtful things, in SACRED MAGIC talk. The weapons in the hands of a variety of Buddhist and Hindu entities are not for the purpose of animal hunting or human warfare.

It figures, though, that people would land on the violent uses first, as evidenced by the 60 million people who voted for Trump and would gladly vote for him again, fully knowing that he is corrupt and hateful.

That’s life, and you’re welcome to it. I prefer to spend my time in the Digital World, don’t you? If you can arrange to earn a livelihood by offering personal Orb-Running coaching, there’s a chance you won’t have to spend too much time among the hairless ape-descendants calling themselves “Homo Sap”.

The way the Orbs work is by conjoining things that are connected by SIMILARITY or CONTAGION, meaning that they either LOOK like the thing itself, or they have been TOUCHED TO the thing — in either case, there’s now a connection where once there wasn’t.

It’s the basis for a LOT of magical operations, getting the things in contact with each other in some way, even if not in the physical world. So you put a PHOTOGRAPH of someone you love in a frame and put it on the nightstand or on your desk.

This establishes CONTACT, more than just thinking about the person — it brings you back, whether you’re aware of it or not, with the EXACT MOMENT THE SHUTTER WAS SNAPPED.

It’s a way of bending time just slightly, enough to put you out of phase, and therefore open to HIGHER INFLUENCES and the spiritual plane.

This OUT-OF-PHASE STATE is just exactly what you want — it’s the crux of meditation, the goal of all forms of self-silencing.

Out of Phase means that you can now easily slide into COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, which in turn makes REMOTE VIEWING easy and safe.

If you send me ANY donation, I’ll send YOU a copy of my newest, latest LOVE3 EXTREME for PC — it’s not scheduled for iPhone release until someone gives a $4 million donation to pay for the 1,000 programmers we’ll need on staff.

Right now, there are just four of us in the programming department of GODD™ GAMES.

So what are you waiting for? You will constantly be upgrading the Orb until it’s totally finished, which could be months from now, so …

Go for it.

I’ll send you a copy of the Orb, and in about a week, you’ll receive another, and so forth until the Orb is actually completely done, if ever.

At the completion of the LOVE3 EXTREME Orb, I’ll start to begin to get ready to consider doing more of them in this streamlined fashion.

I have ideas for other Orbs, too, so send me your “druthers” on what you’d like from my digital workshop — I can only do so much, so make your requests REAL, not idle speculation or mere curiosity.

See You At The Top!!!