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It's Here, and you can get it NOW!!!

Yes, you can get it now, right now, this very second, if you wish — it’s up on ejgoldguru on youtube, can’t miss it, and you might be lucky just clicking on this thing here to see if it takes you there.

There is a KEY.

The secret to the KY is activation, and I’ll be only too happy to explain:

When you have an active character or avatar running about inside a space, whether it be organic or electronic, your hands and fingers are esconced upon the mouse and keyboard, and that’s your interaction — you need no other.

But — what if it’s NOT a videogame? What if it’s a video?

Well, there you had me for a while, but I’ve got a poker hand that beats it. All you need do is complete the cycle , hook up, connect the dots, and this you can do by simply acknowledging every statement that comes out at you from the in-game chatbot coaches.

In short, if a voice says, “You read the book of Sekhmet,” you can nod in agreement, smile in acknowledgement and THEN nod in agreement, verbally repeat the statement as coming from you, such as “Yes, I read the book of Sekhmet”, even though you didn’t actually read it in your awareness, but rest assured, your avatar DID read the requisite chapter.

The real power of affirmation is acknowledgement.

Own it, get it, be it, cop to it, grok it, embrace it. The more you take responsibility, the less hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions can overwhelm you and take you down.

Why a video?

Because technology won’t slow down, not now, not ever, not as long as money drives the market, and that’s a long, long time.

So, bracing for a future in which there are no PCs, no MACs and no “other”, a future which will be dominated by the cellphone, you can rest assured that whatever works today, won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

That’s why video.

Claude pointed out that cellphone technology changes on the average of once a week, and you have to have the technical staff to anticipate that there will be some people who can’t see or hear what you’re putting out there in a game environment.

On a cellphone, the outcome is even more strained by the fact that there are several companies involved in making those changes in the operating systems of a number of branded cellphone types.

What will inevitably happen is that at some point, we just won’t be able to keep up.

It’s at that point that the video technology will take over. We will have transferred our Orb runs over to high definition video by that time, and that’s how they’ll be run, as videos.

Again, the key is agreement.

You can nod, as I said earlier. Nodding is fine. Saying “Yeah,” or “Okay”, or “All Right”, or “Right on”, or any variant of agreement will work just fine, but make sure you agree on every action in the run — it’s all gotta be in there, every element.

If by some strange vagary of chance it happens that you don’t quite catch the phrase, can’t see it clearly enough or can’t make it out any which way, don’t panic — just nod in agreement to whatever the hell it was.

I don’t mean to abdicate your attention — what I mean is, don’t get hung up on details. Now, if it’s every phrase that causes you trouble, you can remedy that by switching to an actual game and run it on a laptop or PC and forget the video.

But if you NEED it on a cellphone, gotta have it on a cellphone, and don’t mind the loss of both video and audio quality and the lack of control, here it is, ready to use today, no game engine, no download, nothing but a cellphone and a sense of where to find this video.

Will there be more of these? Yep. I’ll be making more — I have several planned for movie making and will notify you when they’re available, hopefully in the next few days, but we’re just a few days until the Ishtar/Easter workshop.

Whew — it’s a lotta work, but worth it if it works for you!!!

See You At The Top!!!