Sitemap (in process)

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Reading Altars

The connection between reader and voyager is non-physical and requires nothing other than the essential tools which are natural to all beings, attention, presence, and will. That said, our experience as readers is that a properly equipped altar dramatically assists in the process of reading. For your convenience we shall be including links to the more common items necessary for such an altar.

The quality of the items we have selected is measured by many different factors. We make every effort to provide the best we are able -- the best as measured by effectiveness in the reading space.

This listing is not exhaustive. Just because we do not happen to be carrying an item should not be taken as an indication that it has been shown to be ineffective. It could well be that we have simply not encountered the item. Or, it could well be that after finding a good range of items that do the job well, we shifted our attentions away from the hunt for new and different. With this type of work, once you find a functional combination of altar items it is time to get down to the job that the altar is designed for. It does a musician no good to spend all of his or her time looking for better instruments and little or no time practicing the instrument they have.